Freight shipping is an indispensable part of today’s global economy. 从我们吃的食物, 我们穿的衣服, to the products we work with and use in our everyday lives comes to us through cargo shipping services.

The production of these goods is the first essential step, but it is the multinational network of the shipping and receiving industry that is the backbone to a company’s success. Getting your products to the millions of consumers around the planet, 安全, 有效地, 安全, and affordably can be the difference between record profits, 和即将破产.

So how should you go about choosing a freight company if it is of the utmost importance? We have put together a few reasons for how to choose the right shipping partner for your business or home.


First, the decision must be made that a professional shipping and freight service is what you need. Some companies run their own logistics and 运输 departments, 但这通常是昂贵的, 复杂的, 而且效率低下. That’s why more and more businesses are instead choosing to outsource their logistics, 运输, and supply chain operations to a professional freight shipping company.


One thing to be sure of when choosing a freight shipping company is that they have years of trusted experience in the field. Making sure that the company has experience means that they have dealt with the gamut of problems that can be posed by international shipping, and have successfully navigated their way to overcoming these obstacles.

These veteran shipping companies will see potential problems before they arise, and proactively deal with them before it affects your freight. Experience is also indicative of a company that has many strong international shipping connections around the globe, to best affirm and solidify your product’s relationship with their company.


The next thing is to confirm the freight company has adequate shipping channels and business partners in the country you are exporting to or importing from. 现实是,这是一个很大的世界, and the experience and efficiency of shipping may vary from country to country. How well a freight company does business importing products from China has no bearing if your goods are being exported to France.

A little research to make sure they have proper connections in the city of origin/ destination will ensure you have made a proper choice of freight company, 让你得到内心的平静.


Making sure the freight company offers all the shipping services that your company needs is crucial. Do they ship both through the air and across the ocean? This is a detail that can make shipment times a matter of days or a matter of weeks.

他们只是港口到港口的服务吗, or do they also offer railway and over-the-road truck shipping to facilitate getting your product to multiple distributors across the region? Getting end to end service through a single shipping company is best practice, 否则你必须方便取货, 加载, and delivery of your products through multiple companies. The fewer hands the products go through the less likely they will be lost or something would go awry.

Does the company offer warehousing and storing services? In the event a shipment hits the hub before the distributor is ready, it is always a plus to work with a freight company who can store your products 安全 and 安全 until they can be processed and delivered.


最后, another thing to look for in choosing a freight company for your shipping needs is good customer service. You are putting your trust in their company to deliver your products without fail. 当然,货物的保险(一般是0美元).每1美元60美元.00 is the industry standard) will be included with almost any company you choose, 但万一你的货丢失了, 摧毁了, mistracked, 或被盗, you need to be able to get honest answers and rectify the situation ASAP. 

A shipping company with top-tier customer service is priceless. 如果你是国际和记娱乐最新版本的新手, or just have questions about the intricacies of the importing and exporting business, they should be able to answer you without making you feel like you are pestering them. 如果你问一些他们不确定的事情, they should be able to reach out and get you the answers you need, 尤其是当他们想要保住你的生意时.


Your company’s expansion into international markets can make or break your bottom line. A stellar shipping service should be there to assure you that choosing them as a logistics partner will be the best choice you have made, 他们会在那里缓解你的压力, 回答任何问题, 帮助你的公司在每一步上都取得成功.


无论是本地运输还是全球运输, 世界货物 你是否可以信任货运合作伙伴. Built on years of experience and hundreds of successful partnerships, we will make sure that your personal or professional items ship correctly and 安全.

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