Motorcycle Shipping

Fall is here and it might just be the perfect time to plan a great adventure on your motorcycle. World Cargo takes motorcycle shipping to a new level. South America, Europe, Australia or somewhere in North America, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are moving to a different country or going on vacation, you don’t have to leave your motorcycle behind. Motorcycle shipping via ground, air, or ocean freight is a simple and affordable option to get your motorcycle where it needs to be, safely and reliably. World Cargo offers a custom built crate service allowing your bike to be safe and secure during transport. You are able to load other personal effects into your crate as well. Once your bike is secured it will be loaded into a shared container. This service is called LCL Shipping.

Important Things to Know when Shipping your Motorcycle Internationally

Not all destinations have the same protocols in place. Use google to ensure you know what requirements might be specific to your destination. A few things to consider are:

  • Shipping your motorcycle internationally requires the battery to be disconnected. 

  • Reduce fuel level of your motorcycle. For motorcycles shipping in Canada tanks can be ¼ full. For those shipping internationally, they must be empty. Not following this guideline can result in extra costs.

  • Motorcycles must be secured into an internationally accepted crate.

  • Give your motorcycle a solid wash. Clean all heavy dirt and make sure there are no soil deposits on the tires. This is also an opportunity to get a good look at its condition before travel



These guidelines will help you protect your property

  • Document your motorcycle’s condition. Make notes of existing scratches, dents, chips, or cosmetic marks on your motorcycle. Zoom in and capture images to record overall condition.

  • Remove loose items from your motorcycle. You are responsible for all accessories that are damaged or lost during shipment. This is not covered by insurance. Remove all valuables from the storage compartments, trunks, or saddlebagsalong with any other loose and custom items. These could include:

  1. Luggage rack
  2. Bicycle rack
  3. Spoilers
  4. GPS systems
  5. Removable stereos
  6. Toll tags 
  • Check all fasteners that are accessible. Transport could be a number of days or weeks and there is vibration on the journey. Should any fasteners be loose, they could come undone. 

  • Document mechanical problems. Similar to recording the exterior condition of your motorcycle, it is also necessary to document specific mechanical issues. This takes liability off the carrier and protects you from any potential damage, as well. 

  • Inflate Tires. Tires are part of the suspension system on your motorcycle, fully inflate them to cushion and protect it in transit.

  • Resolve or report leaks. Report leaks to the mover beforehand, they could cause unwanted damage to your motorcycle or others in the container if it should need to be shared. 

  • Insurance isn’t mandatory, but we recommend it for your peace of mind, in case of unforeseen accidents

Safe and Secure Shipping for Your Motorcycle 

The experts in motorcycle shipping at World Cargo will make shipping your motorcycle a simple and easy process. World Cargo offers a custom built crate service for your motorcycle allowing your bike to be safe and secure during transport. Ready to ship? Contact us at 1- with your questions, or complete our online form to get started! motorcycle shipping, vehicle shipping